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Vascular Imaging Solutions was formed in 2016 in an effort to solve a problem that existed with the recognition and treatment of vascular disease. Referrals from physicians to a vascular specialist could take weeks or months to get proper diagnosis and treatment. By providing diagnostic services to physicians, in their practice, they are able to get a proper diagnosis and begin a treatment plan to improve patient outcomes. The convenience of on-site testing improves patient compliance and creates an added value to the practice that most would not have the resources to provide otherwise.

In December of 2020, the addition of “In Home Ultrasound Studies” was added to provide a valuable service to a growing population of home bound patients. The physicians responsible for their care can now rely on us to provide a vital service that eliminates the need to arrange difficult and costly transportation as well as to those who simply prefer the comfort and convenience of being seen at home.

Our commitment to quality, integrity and dependability will continue to create further opportunities to expand our services and to become a leading provider in the field of diagnostic ultrasound.

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